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Sunday, June 26, 2005


I Think I May Have Figured Out the Problem

John Kruk, on BBTN, just talked about the Red Sox' 8th-inning rally, and mentioned how he thought the key was David Ortiz "giving himself up" by pulling the ball to the right side of the infield with Mark Bellhorn on 2nd and nobody out. David Ortiz, it's fair to say, has never tried to "give himself up" by pulling the ball to the right side. He hits almost everything to the right side. That's why teams put on the crazy Ted Williams shift when he comes up. He is a dead pull hitter, with occasional power to center and even more occasional power to left center. Everyone in the universe who watches baseball knows this.

So, maybe the problem is that Kruk doesn't know the difference between a hitter "giving himself up" and a hitter "hitting the ball like he always, always, always does every time he is ever playing baseball." In other words, Kruk cannot discern between deliberate intention and mere coincidence.

Another problem is that he is a fat idiot who eats a plate of his own turds every night right before BBTN.


posted by Unknown  # 7:20 PM
I was watching that game, and was amazed not only by Ortiz brilliantly and selflessly "giving himself up," but by his seemingly amazing ability to decide to have his bat shatter on the play, thereby deadening the ball.

The ol' "Shatter the Bat" play. The perfect way to manufacture a productive out.
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