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Saturday, June 11, 2005


I Want In On This

More from the latest JM chat:

DAVE(PHILADELPHIA): What is your opinion on the close race in the NL east. Who do you think will actually end up on top? Do you think the wild card team will merge from the east also?

 Joe Morgan: I'm surprised that all the teams are above .500 and in a tight race. Anyone can win. No one is head and shoulders above. The Nationals have a good shot. The longer they stay on top the more confidence they will build up.

>> So you're opinion is you're surprised. Okay. That's not a good answer at all, but it's an answer.

Now, you think anyone can win. That's great -- I'm glad ESPN pays you a lot of money to make that call. But the question was: who do you think will actually end up on top?

Oh, okay -- the Nationals have a good shot. Nevermind. I guess that settles it.

posted by dak  # 5:06 PM
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