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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Jim Belushis in Glass Houses...

From the New York Times:

"Watching the Red Sox win was a very weird experience," said Jim Belushi, an actor and a lifelong Cubs fan. "It was like having a neighbor win the lottery. At first you're really happy for them because it couldn't happen to a better guy. And then you realize that he'll move into a bigger house in another neighborhood and you never had anything in common with him in the first place and he was really a big jerk. I mean the Red Sox' celebrity mascot is Ben Affleck. Doesn't that tell you enough?"


posted by Unknown  # 9:57 PM
In Belushi's undefendable defense, the celebrity mascot for the Cubs, as far as I'm concerned, is John Cusack, not Jim Belushi. And I'm kind of charmed by Cusack, whereas Belushi is Jim Belushi.
I would say Bill Murray.

And I would say the Red Sox celebrity mascot is David Ortiz.
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