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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Joe Morgan Chat Teaser

I'll post more later today or tomorrow, unless someone beats me to it. Here's a sample (all spelling errors and typos are [sic]):

John (Chattanooga, TN): Joe, a question about draft philosophy: What do you think about the A's drafting three high-schoolers in their first six picks?

Joe Morgan: It's obviously a change from what they have done in the past. They used to only draft college players. They need a change in philosophya about a lot of things. Without Tejada, Giambi, Mulder, Hudson, etc. they need a new philosphy. I don't know how they can score runs consistently without manufacturing some runs.

So, he starts off answering the question. Then he mentions four players that they drafted using their patented system, and uses their departure to announce that they need a new system, ignoring the fact that they could only depart because they were there in the first place because of their system. Then -- and this is the part that gets me -- he launches an ad hominem attack on their organization-wide offensive game plan, which, let's remember, got a tiny-market team to the playoffs for like seventy straight years.

So, just to recap:

1. No one asked how they'd be able to score runs.
2. He gave a stupid and ill-conceived answer to the question nobody asked.
3. He still thinks, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that "manufacturing runs" is something teams should try to do.

I'm serious. Joe Morgan is the worst analyst I have ever seen.

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