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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Let's Chat With Steve Phillips!

Steve Phillips: Good afternoon! The most amazing thing about baseball is what a difference a week can make! The Cubs and Yankees of this week are not the Cubs and Yankees of last week! That's why they play the games! Let's go!

Ken Tremendous: Take it down about a thousand levels, friend. It's going to be a long day.

Jason: The Nationals? Are they overachieving?

Steve Phillips: Frank Robinson has this team competing every night. When you break down their club, other than Livan Hernandez, it is hard to predict anybody can't maintain this high level.

KT: Did Steve Phillips just have a stroke? What does that mean?

MORGAN -boston, ma: STEVE-- you do good work on ESPN...if you were the GM of the Yankees what would you do to right the present situation... would they consider releasing KEVIN BROWN? Is Mel Stot (pitching coach) job on the line?? what about don mattingly's??

Steve Phillips: I would go back to the original plan with Tony Womack back to 2B, Matsui back to LF and Bernie in CF. Cano is not the answer to help win more games. He may be a good player, but to win games today he is not the answer. I would split 1B/DH between Sierra, Tino and Giambi with Tino and Sierra getting the majority of the ABs...The Yanks shouldn't make any knee jerk moves right now. They went with veteran players, they will have to die with veterans.

KT: Okay. Fine. The Yankees should stick with their veterans. Next question?

Steve (NYC): Steve, if you were Brian Sabean, would you be looking to move vets?

Steve Phillips: Yes, I would.

KT: Um...the Giants should trade their veterans? just said the Yankees *shouldn't* do that. Right? Is there a reason one team should and the other shouldn't? I'm confused...

Steve Phillips: ...I thought [Sabean's] plan was a good one coming in...The Giants have to be careful not to make trades simply to make trades. You make bad trades that way. They need to ride out the storm and regroup when necessary. That could mean waiting till next year.

KT: Okay, so, wait -- so you were right the first time. Teams should NOT move their veterans. I think that's what you're saying...

JT (Lynchburg, Va): Are the Astros at least heading in the right direction by moving Berkman to first and giving top prospect Burke a shot to play regularly?

Steve Phillips: I think anytime you are losing with veteran players, you have to make a shift and lose with young players. At least then you are building to the future. Why waste ABs on vets who won't help the team a couple years down the line?

KT: Oh boy, Steve, I'm confused. The Yankees shouldn't move veterans. The Giants should move veterans, except that they shouldn't move veterans. The Astros should move veterans. In fact, from this last post, ANY TEAM that is losing with veterans should move them and then lose with young players...?...?...? Did you have another stroke?

Adam(Bellmore, NY): Hey Steve: David Wright Continues to shine. He has the special presence around him like a jeter. I think hes going to be the Mets Derek Jeter except with better numbers. What do you think?

Steve Phillips: That is very high praise, comparing anybody to Jeter. But David Wright is going to be a tremendous player for a long time for the Mets. He has physical abilities as well as tremendous make-up. I think he will become Scott Rolen with more personality and charisma. Wright has that special twinkle in his eye that star players have. He has an uncommon humility about his starpower. I love him.

KT: Good analysis. Wright is third in MLB in personality and fourth in charisma. His Special Eye Twinkle (SET) is second only to Pat Burrell (who knew!), and his Uncommon Humility About His Starpower (UHAHS) is a Thome-like 4.488! Right on the money with this one, Steve! You fucking moron!

Vincent (Washington, DC): How good can Daniel Cabrera be? He's inconsistent, but when he's good, he's REALLY good.

Steve Phillips: I love his stuff and the passion with which he performs. That passion or emotion can at times work for you but at times can also work against you. As Cabrera gains experience and starts to mature, I expect he will be able to corral some of that emotion and harness it in a positive direction. He is just 24 years old but he has a chance to be an absolute stud.

KT: Steve, sorry -- just a quick note. Remember that you are evaluating a MLB pitcher, not a potential country music star. Thanks.

Edmundo (Mexico): As a former GM, what would you do with Kaz Matsui?

Steve Phillips: Very difficult situation in NY right now with Matsui...the Mets have a major investment in him for a couple years. They need some return on that investment. If they can trade him, I think they should do it to get out from under the money. If they are stuck with him, try to fix him.

KT: You're a goddamn genius, Steve.


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