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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Ryne Sandberg Signs On

Add Ryne Sandberg to the list. The entirety of his entry on the White Sox in his latest power rankings:

1. Chicago White Sox (50-24) – This team is so strong because of its style of play. The White Sox continue to surprise me because of their ability to hit and run, steal bases and play great defense. They believe in the style of play that Ozzie Guillen has instilled in them.

Not gonna throw their pitchers a bone, there, Ryno? Not going to mention that if their pitching staff, especially their bullpen, weren't playing so great, nobody would be talking about that awesome style of small-ball that gets them a whopping 4.8 runs per game (which, I should mention, is exactly how many runs the Devil Rays have scored this season)? No? Okay, forget it.

If I were Cliff Politte, Dustin Hermanson, Neal Cotts, or Damaso Marte I would be getting kind of sick of this.

posted by Murbles  # 1:39 PM
They're also 4th in the AL in taters. But, sure, it must be their ability to hit and run.
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