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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Trade Everybody!

Some of my favorite moments from the June 14 chat with terrible ex-GM Steve Phillips.

Chip (New York City):
Steve, this morning on Mike and Mike in stating why the Yankees should trade Matsui, Womack, Bernie and Sheffield you not only neglected to mention that trading Matsui and Bernie will be difficult because Matsui has a no trade and Bernie is a 10/5 player but you also stated something that was completely untrue. You said all of the players were in the last year of their deals, Womack signed a two year deal this winter and Sheffield signed a three year deal last offseason meaning next year is the last on their current deals.

Steve Phillips: The Yankees have to really start considering being sellers at the trade deadline instead of buyers. I would expect Sheffield, Matsuie, Bernie Williams and Womack. This seems obvious to me, but Mike and Mike acted as though this was earthshattering. You're right about Womack, Chip. I didn't get that detail into my short clip on the radio. Sheffield has next year, as well, not two years. I do think that Matsui may be open to a trade somewhere else. The Yankees need to try to get younger. They'll have money freed up in the outfield to do it. They're not going to trade Jeter or A-Rod. I think that if they CAN move Womack -- they WILL. Bernie's deal is up at the end of the year, and if he can go to a team that's contending, he would wave his no-trade, I'm sure.

First of all, let's hear it for Chip from New York City for calling Steve out on his typical wrongness. I love how Phillips then tries to play it off like "I didn't get that detail into my short clip on the radio," So wait. You only had enough time to say the incorrect fact that Womack and Sheffield were in the last year of their deals?

Then there's the issue of the Yankees trading FOUR OUTFIELDERS. (I'm counting Womack as an outfielder since that's what he's playing in that retarded system they have). I think Mike and Mike might have been right to act a little skeptical. Especially since we're talking about two players (Matsui and Sheffield) who have relatively enormous contracts and two players (Womack and Williams) who are bad at baseball. What "contender" is going to trade anything of value for three months of Bernie Williams or Tony Womack?

Also, Steve, have you looked at the free agent outfielders next season? Where are the Yankees going to get players to replace these guys?

But good work pointing out that the Yankees won't trade Jeter or A-Rod.

Todd (Reading Pa):
Are my por Pirates going to do their annaul purge before the deadline or are they actually going to hold on to veterans. I could see trading Lawton if they are still below 500 but I think they have an option on Redman for around 4 mill which even for them is a steal.

Steve Phillips:
The Pirates have to keep building for the future. IF they have vets who aren't going to be part of the future, but can help bring back talent that WILL be a part of that. I suspect Lawton, REdman and Mesa could bring back some talent to either play for the Pirates in the future, or help them trade to get future talents.

English, Steve!

Jamie (NYC):
FYI, no one is going to take the 6 mil remaining on Bernie's contract this year, and although Sheff and Matsui would be wanted by other teams, who can even afford Sheff? The Angels? The Dodgers?

Yeah! Keep pouring it on, guys!

Steve Phillips: You'd be surprised for how many teams would find money for Sheff and Matsui for the last two months of their season. The Yanks would probably have to pickup some amount of Bernie's contract, but if they could pick up a prospect or two for it, they would have to consider. It's so odd that NY as a team is playing so poorly, but their individual pieces provide some significant trade value. The Yankees problems are mental, it's not a lack of talent.

Steve. For the last time. NOBODY is going to trade for Bernie Williams unless they essentially get him for free. They are not going to get any worthwhile prospects for him, and they'll have to pay all of his salary. This will not solve the Yankees problems. And also, their problems are not mental. Their problem is that they are a team full of 40 year old players making so much money that almost no team can trade for them.

mike (boston): steve u are crazy if u think the yanks wil trade matsui, bernie williams, gary sheffield and womack. i think they will trade tino martinez for a relief pitcher. I think they will also trade wright. do u agree?

This is awesome! He's being ambushed!

Steve Phillips: If they trade Tino, it means that Giambi would have to play first base. Last Friday night proves that that is not a real good plan. I"m not sure I believe that they Yankees will trade the players I suggest, but if they find themselves 10 games out of first place in July, they SHOULD absolutely do it for the good of the organization. They would have to work around money and no-trades, but if they can aquire efficient young prospects, they have to consider the benefits. I'm not suggesting that they go into a 3-year rebuilding phase, I think they should get right back this offseason, and they can do just that, b/c they have what it takes to trade for the prospects.

I love this. He just will not back off this crazy idea. It's almost like he's auditioning for the Yankees GM job by displaying all of the bad decision making that got him fired from his last GM job. I can just imagine Steinbrenner saying "Trade away 4 outfielders for prospects? That's exactly what the Yankee organization is all about! This Phillips guy is a genius! Cashman! You're gone!"

Also, if you're "not suggesting that they go into a 3-year rebuilding phase," what do you call it when you trade your entire veteran outfield platoon for "young prospects?" Unless those prospects are Miguel Cabrera and Juan Pierre, I think that's pretty much the definition of a "rebuilding phase."

posted by Murbles  # 7:24 PM
This is just fantastic. Good work, Murbles. Forget that No one wants Bernie -- the fact is that the Yankees would NEVER trade him anyway. New York loves that guitar-playing, .700 OPS grandfather way too much to even consider it. Also, Sheffield is just about the only guy on their team who's worth the money they pay him. (Not quite, but moreso than Jeter, and way more than Bernie, et al.) But forget all of this. The point is, the guy has advocated trading four outfielders at once. Unreal.
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