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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


"Baseball For Dummies," Indeed (Part I): A Thing I've Never Seen

From page 94 of "Baseball for Dummies" by Joe Morgan (with Richard Lally):

"Analyzing the Pitcher -- JOE SAYS: I usually watched the opposing pitcher warm up in the bullpen to see what pitches he was throwing for strikes. Generally, if a pitcher can't control his slider or curve in the bullpen, he won't be able to control them in the game for at least an inning or two."

>>Keep in mind, Joe's talking about his days as a ballplayer. Does anyone believe that he actually watched pitchers warm up in the bullpen when he was about to start a baseball game? (Or, even more ridiculously, during the game as a reliever warmed up in the bullpen?) Has anyone ever seen an opposing player somehow find the time before the game, during warmups, to go to the opposing team's bullpen, and not only take a look at the opposing pitcher, but monitor which pitches he was throwing for strikes?

I might be wrong. Maybe they did things differently in Joe Morgan's day. Or maybe Joe Morgan did things differently. But I'm going to remain skeptical that this ever happened, mostly because Joe Morgan is a giant idiot. Somebody tell me if I'm wrong.

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