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Saturday, July 09, 2005


Contact Percentage

I just read the post below in which Tim McCarver said:

"Forget about on-base percentage. What about *contact* percentage?!"

Even for McCarver, that is amazingly stupid.

Let's say "contact percentage," which is not a thing, is calculated just like it sounds -- the percentage of at-bats in which a player neither walks nor strikes out. Thus, it is basically the opposite of OBP, or OPS, wherein a player can be punished for not making an out. This is tantamount to a quarterback being punished for not throwing an interception. Or punishing a student for not failing a test.

Christian Guzman's Contact Percentage this year is .794. Tony Womack's is a stellar .809. Compare that to Manny Ramirez's terrible .689, and I think we all know who would be hitting clean-up on McCarver's All-Star team.

Hell, in 2002, Barry Bonds had what I considered the greatest offensive year in the history of baseball -- boy was I wrong! His contact percentage was a paltry .592! I thought that guy was supposed to be good. Thanks for setting me straight, Tim McCarver, you incomparable numbskull!


posted by Anonymous  # 7:21 PM
How's this for contact percentage: I just ran into Gniewko Lubecki at Dumpling Man on St. Mark's.
If I were the moderator of this blog, I would scream at you for posting such an inaccessible comment. Instead, I will merely report that it made me laugh incredibly hard.
The point should be clear, Ken:

Talking about running into Gniewko Lubecki at Dumpling Man contributes as much to the ongoing dialogue of baseball statistics as trying to introduce a new stat called "contact percentage."

Also, he's doing well, his hair is really short these days, and he's working on some web design stuff. He lives in NYC but doesn't spend that much time here (?).
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