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Friday, July 08, 2005


Hello there, Skip Bayless.

Bayless says a lot of things in his recent article about Schilling taking over as the Sox closer. He accuses Schilling of fake sock blood in the ALCS. He makes some point that Schilling being a closer would be "better than 'Closer,' the Jude-and-Julia gut-wrencher I gave 4½ stars." But his best point (or fragment of a point) is made with respect to one-time Schilling teammate, Randy Johnson:

"Randy Johnson, who battles loser's intangibles..."

Now I don't love Johnson, but he is one of the top forty winningest pitchers of all time. Even if you take the team-oriented stat of "wins" out of the equation, Johnson has consistently been one of the most devastating pitchers in the league and has just about every stat to prove it. He must be doing well battling those intangibles.

Actually, forget that, Bayless's best point was linking a baseball closer to the movie "Closer" -- that was pretty great.

posted by anthony baseball  # 4:28 PM
No idea why I felt the need to use an introductory sentence like "Bayless says a lot of things..." He does say a lot of things though.
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