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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I love Peter Gammons...

because he, unlike many of his colleagues, has never taken himself too seriously. From his last chat:

Jason Johnson (Detroit, MI): If the Burnett to Baltimore rumors prove to be false, could I end up back in Baltimore by August 1st?

SportsNation Peter Gammons: It's possible. The Orioles would like either you, Jason, or Mark Redman in addition to A.J. Burnett.

Without missing a beat, he even goes so far as to indicate he's in on the joke by tossing in the name. Congrats on the Hall of Fame, PG. I now return you to our regular slate of sports journalism critiques.

posted by Coach  # 5:16 PM
No Kay Hanley reference?
Peter Gammons wrote me to mention that, if he had to choose a song that best summarizes his career, it would be "Freedom Overspill" by Steve Winwood. What does that even mean? He also went out of his way to compliment Jody Gerut's skill at auto repair and predicted that one day Chris Snopek will be one of the game's great hitters.
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