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Sunday, July 10, 2005


Jeff Brantley

...on BBTN just praised Ozzie Guillen. Why? Because in the ninth inning, with his team down by one, AJ Pierzynski struck out looking and flipped his bat in disgust, and was tossed, and Ozzie came flying out of the dugout like some kind of crazed bat and argued with the home plate ump for like three minutes. He should have been thrown out, but for some reason, was not.

But the point is, Brantley praised this "great managerial move," because, Brantley claimed, it "left Huston Street standing out there [on the mound]" for a long time, and then Street "left a pitch out over the plate" that Timo Perez drove into left center to tie the game. (The ChiSox lost in extras.)

The cult of Ozzie and "Smart Ball" (read: dumb ball) has gone so far that analysts are now claiming that when Ozzie goes berzerk and screams at umps, he is doing so because he is calmly and calculatedly trying to "ice" a relief pitcher. As if that would work. And as if Ozzie Guillen, who is an emotionally high-strung wind-up toy, would ever, EVER, have a psychologically complex motive like that in the heat of battle.

Can everybody please, please shut up about how brilliant Ozzie Guillen is?


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