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Monday, July 11, 2005


Mike Celizic

...of MSNBC, is a weirdo.

But also, he is a dummy.

The headline of his most recent column:

"Selig has Turned Home Run Derby into Joke."

Because it used to be so...serious? Important?

He argues that the competition's new format has watered down the field. For example, and this is a verbatim quotation:

Of the top five home run hitters in each league, just four are in the derby — Jones, Ortiz, Carlos Lee and Mark Teixeira.

Only FOUR out of the top FIVE?!? The madness!

Here's more:

The top four sluggers in each league have a combined 189 home runs at the break. The eight players picked by MLB to contend for the Home Run Derby title have 144. This is not the best sluggers in the game swinging for bragging rights. This is a joke.

You tell 'em, Mikey! This is the kind of hard-hitting investigative journalism that will earn you a brand new "PRESS" card to stick in your fedora!

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posted by Unknown  # 11:12 AM
Actually his "only four are in the derby" comment isn't so silly. What he actually said was four of the top five in EACH league. That's not four out of five, that's four out of ten. (Actually four out of twelve since there's a logjam at 22 homers in the NL).

Only having four of the top twelve sluggers in the home run derby is a legitimate gripe...

Still not the best gripe about the new derby format, but it's not as stupid as it sounded...
I stand corrected. I thought that was a pretty asinine comment, so I'm happy (?) to see that I blew it. (My apologies, Mr. Celzic. I will personally block your hat for you, at my own expense.) However, I stand by my comment that complaining about the HR derby so earnestly is silly.
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