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Friday, July 08, 2005


Rob Dibble Flashback!

A quick one from his June 21st column:

When I was in the Reds organization, we were one of the most hated and respected teams at any level, in part because everything was done the same throughout the organization (uniforms, signs, etc).

Ummm, no, Rob. You were hated because you were a bunch of dirtbags who thought it would be cool to call yourselves "The Nasty Boys." You were hated because you quite blatantly talked about throwing at batters' heads. You were hated because you once got mad and threw a baseball into the stands and hit a woman. You were hated because your owner not only referred to Eric Davis and Dave Parker as her "million dollar [offensive term for black people]," but she also told the New York Times that Hitler was good for Germany and kept Nazi memoribilia around her house. She also let her dog run around the field which was retarded.

But it could have been that you kept the signs the same throughout the organization.

posted by Murbles  # 11:36 AM
Murbles -- I think they were actually hated because when they went on road trips and knew another team was staying in the hotel after them, they would empty the shampoo bottles and urinate into them. Or, maybe it was beause their uniforms were the same.
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