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Saturday, August 06, 2005


Warning! Not About Baseball!

An imagined conversation:

SCENE: ESPN Headquarters, Bristol, CT

ESPN Guy #1: Okay, folks! We got X-Games 11 coming up, and we still need a host for "X-Center," which will be like a Sportcenter for the X-Games set. We need someone young. Someone hip. Someone these counterculture kids will really identify with.

ESPN Guy #2: How about Linda Cohn?

ESPN Guy #1: You, my friend, are a fucking genius.

posted by Murbles  # 3:45 AM
Anyone know that word in German for that particular feeling of disappointment when you turn on SportsCenter and Linda Cohn is one of the anchors?

I can't remember.
In re: X Games 11:

By the way, some freestyle moto-cross guy was referred to as "The Phil Mickelson of freestyle motorcross."

Which raises the question: who is this year's Mark Calcavecchia of men's skateboard vert?

I mean, it's probably Buster Halterman, but you could make a case for Tas Pappas.
dak, you are truly the Cory Pavin of FJM.
By the way -- do you think, as I do, that Emily Copeland Durham is the Miguel Batista of Women's Wakeboard?

I could literally do this all day.
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