FIRE JOE MORGAN: Why I Will Not Be Watching "Classic Now" Or Whatever The F It's Called On ESPN Classic


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Saturday, August 06, 2005


Why I Will Not Be Watching "Classic Now" Or Whatever The F It's Called On ESPN Classic

Have you seen this ad? A kid asks the host, whose name I believe is Josh Elliot, if Jeter is the greatest shortstop of all-time or something. His answer is that in the pantheon of Yankee shortstops, he'd be at the top. Fine...but at the end, while making his case, he notes: "even Boston fans call him Captain Intangibles!" as if that was a solid point in his favor.

It's amazing to me that they would script this, thinking it was genuine flattery on behalf of Sox fans, and shoot the commercial, and nowhere along the way did anyone say: "Um, I think they're, you know, making fun of the guy? It's like...a joke? You can't be Captain of something that, by definition, you can't touch. Guys? No?"

Please remember: this does not come from a place of liking the Sox over the Yanks, though we certainly do. We just can't tolerate people getting facts wrong, saying stupid things, and promulgating misinformation.

Also, a note to our readers: keep those e-mails coming. We truly enjoy them, and will try to respond to everyone. It makes us very happy to hear from like-minded baseball fans who are willing to fight in the FJM army.

I've noticed that Steve Stone's been doing an awful lot of color lately for ESPN. They say Morgan's on vacation, but I pray that it's a sign of things to come.

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