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Thursday, September 29, 2005


As Long As I'm Tooting...'s another post, from May 18 (this is an excerpt). It was in response to a truly dumb Joe Morgan post about the Yankees. Joe's text is in bold, my original response follows, in regular typeface:

Back to the Yankees: Torre is facing a dilemma with the DH position. Since a lineup shakeup moved Matsui to center field, the Yanks have three hitters for one DH spot: Jason Giambi, Bernie Williams (the usual CF) and Ruben Sierra (when he comes off the disabled list)... I'm just trying to figure out how he and Williams (and later Sierra) will get at-bats.

Remember, Williams was part of four Yankee world championships, whereas Giambi has yet to help the Yankees win a World Series. So I don't see how the Yankees can push Bernie aside by focusing on getting at-bats for Giambi. Yes, Giambi has won an MVP, but this decision must been based on current performance.

If you want to base it on current performance, what does Williams winning World Series rings, or Giambi not winning World Series rings, have to do with anything? Seriously, does he even read these things before he posts them?

But, fine, okay. Let's base it on current performance.

Williams: .246/.315/.333/.648
Giambi: .227/.390/.371/.761

There is no question who should be the Yankee DH right now. Williams is done. Giambi is almost done, but he's 120 OPS points less done than Williams.

Hi. Up-to-date Ken Tremendous again. Now, I was wrong about Giambi being "almost done." I cop to that. But come on. Joe was arguing for Ruben Sierra and Bernie Williams over Jason Giambi. My question is, when does Joe ever admit he was wrong? Does anyone hold this guy accountable? Does he hold himself accountable?

Anyway, I guess we kind of nailed this one, too. Just luck, I guess. Or else -- and this could be crazy -- it could be the result of statistical analysis.

For the record, most of this bluster and arrogance is intended to be self-aware and jokey.


posted by Unknown  # 2:14 AM
I can't wait for the post that takes a look back and discusses how dead-on this post was.
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