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Friday, September 30, 2005



The ShowGirl: Welcome to The Show! Joe Morgan is on the way. Send in those baseball questions now!

Joe Morgan: Good morning.

Ken Tremendous: Good Morning, Joe. How are you? Do you mind if I take a few hours and ridicule you on the internet?

Joe Morgan: [in Ken's head] Not at all, Ken!

KT: Great!

Jim, Boston: Now that Chicago has clinched the AL central, do you expect them to play with less intensity, (or maybe rest players) while NY, Boston and the Tribe are fighting for their lives. Does this give Cleveland an advantage for the wild card race since the White Sox have nothing to loose and both the Red Sox and Yanks will be fighting tooth and nail?

Joe Morgan: It's been a long grind for Chicago to win and now they have to prepare themselves for the playoffs. It's unfortunate for Boston and New York that Chicago clinched before they got to Cleveland. They are going to be saving their energy against the Indians this weekend.

KT: Jim just asked you two questions, and you kind of answered half of one. FYI, Ozzie Guillen just announced he is sitting SIX starters tonight. So, I'll answer Jim's question: yes, they will rest players. And yes, this does give Cleveland an advantage.

John (Cambride, MA): In my book, a player's value is best measured by the amount he adds above and beyond the perforamce of the average player for his position. (A 1B with 30HR is nice, a 2B with 30HR is nicer.) Put that way, the MVP race doesn't look all that close: there's no question that A-Rod is the best third baseman in the game, but Ortiz is not only the best DH, he's also much better than the average DH.

KT: Are you crazy, John? Don't ask Joe a question about VORP! His brain will explode. (For the record, Joe ignored this question, which raises the question: why did he print it at all?)

Joe (Washington, DC): How do you feel about the one-game playoff rule for breaking ties? Wouldn't it seem to make more sense to go by the head-to-head regular season record?

Joe Morgan: No. I don't think what happened in the regular season should determin that. Head to head record, well, one could have been playing well and the other not playing well. What happened in the past doesn't matter at this point. I wish there was a better way to judge than a 1-game playoff, but there just isn't time for anything else. You don't have enought time to play 2 of 3. But, I think you should always determine things on the field at this time. Not by previous records or a piece of paper.

KT: So, these matters should be decided on the field. But the 18 times the Sox and Yankees, for example, faced each other on the field somehow shouldn't matter. And why not? Because they happened in the past, and because one of those teams might not have been playing well at the time the other team beat them. Think about that for a second, Joe. One team shouldn't be rewarded for beating another team on the field, because the losing team wasn't playing well when they played. Does that make sense to you, Joe? Is your brain broken?

For the record, the NFL, which is far and away the best-run league in America, uses multiple tie-breakers to determine playoff spots. Granted, it is not as easy to have a theoretical "one game playoff" in the NFL as in MLB, but still.

Ryan Olmsted Falls, Ohio: Joe, In your honest opinoin, if the indians clinch the wild card, do you think they have just as good of a shot to make it to the fall classic.

Joe Morgan: I always give an honest opinion, Ryan.

KT: Don't get snippy, Joe. Just...calm down, and answer the question. You can do this.

Joe Morgan: Anybody who gets in to the playoffs can win the World Series. The last three champions were a Wild Card team. Cleveland might be the most complete team in the American League with good pitching, good hitting and good speed. The Yankees and Boston have experience, though, and I do believe that goes a long way in the playoffs

KT: Let me make sure I understand you. The last three champions were WC teams. The Red Sox, Marlins, and Angels. Yet, somehow, experience goes a long way in the playoffs. Did any of those teams have a lot of experience in the playoffs? No, they didn't. You might as well have said, "I like tuna subs. However, I hate tuna subs."

Schuyler (Boston, MA): Do you trust Mussina to pitch well this weekend? He had that great 76 pitch outing where he was ridiculously efficient, but then blew up the other day (If he had pitched decently the Yankees may have been two games up at this point). Also, is Chacon good enough for the big game, if they go to a one-game-playoff? It's hard to get big game experience when you're playing for Colorado.

Joe Morgan: Well, it's ot a matter of me trusting Mussina. Joe Torre put him in that position so he must trust him...

KT: Joe, just for the record, nobody really thought it was a matter of you trusting Mussina. I think you have a mental disorder where you take everything literally.

Joe Morgan: Alright. I don't know if I'll be able to do another chat next week. I'll be traveling with the playoffs, but I want to say, in case this is the last chat, that it's been a pleasure. I really appreciate you folks logging on and writing in. And, hopefully, we'll see some great playoff baseball in the next few weeks. Take care.

KT: Honestly, it's been my pleasure.

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posted by Unknown  # 5:47 PM
I love "What happened in the past doesn't matter at this point.... I think you should always determine things on the field at this time. Not by previous records or a piece of paper."

What? Everyone gets into the playoffs based on their win-loss record -- in games that happened (gasp) in the past. These records may even be written on pieces of paper.

I can't even tell what he might mean by this.
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