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Thursday, September 22, 2005


The Worst G.M. Ever, Steve Phillips

...has an opinion on the ten best moves of the 2005 off-season. Here's one:

6. Carlos Lee, Milwaukee Brewers for 7. Scott Podsednik, Chicago White Sox: These two are linked together forever now. This trade was one of those great baseball trades. It satisfied obvious needs for both teams and made both teams better. Lee is coming into his own. If he commits himself to getting in better shape, I think there is another level in his production.

Podsednik gave the White Sox their personality and style. He defined them for the first half of the season. What really proves his importance to the Sox is the fact that his leg issues have reduced his impact on the game and has, in turn, changed Chicago's approach as evidenced by their second-half swoon.

I thought we were done with this.

Scott Podsednik and his .699 OPS and his 0 HR did not help the White Sox win very many games. What did help them win games, in the first half, was extraordinary starting pitching and a very good bullpen. Scott Podsednik's injury coincided with a natural regression to the mean for their pitchers.

Carlos Lee has 32 HR this year. He has an .836 OPS and 40 doubles. He even has -- for those of you who care -- 12 SB and has only been caught 4 times. Does anybody really think that the White Sox offense would be worse if Carlos Lee were still on the team? Still?

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posted by Unknown  # 3:59 PM
Yes, their second-half swoon has really proved his importance.

Mark Buehrle Pre-ASB ERA / Post-ASB ERA: 2.58 / 4.40
Jon Garland Pre-ASB ERA / Post-ASB ERA: 3.38 / 3.70
Freddy Garcia Pre-ASB ERA / Post-ASB ERA: 3.53 / 4.70
Orlando Hernandez Pre-ASB ERA / Post-ASB ERA: 4.88 / 5.60

Without Scotty on the field, these guys just can't pitch.
Thanks for doing my research for me.
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