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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Harold Reynolds on Baseball Tonight

Harold talks about Game Two of the ALCS.

Re: Buehrle

"The pace that he worked at made his defense pretty effective behind him."

Because he worked quickly, he made his defense effective? How in the world can you say that had anything to do with the effectiveness of -- wait, there was that time when the entire Red Sox D fell asleep when Arroyo was on the mound. Point taken, HR.

After the Pierzynski debacle:

"I love the fact that Ozzie Guillen was in the game enough to pinch run, get a stolen base, and Crede comes up with a big base hit."

Where did you expect Ozzie Guillen to be? There were two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning of Game Two of the American League Championship Series. The game was tied, with the winning run on first base. You love the fact that Ozzie Guillen was "in the game enough" at that point? You love that?

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