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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The Scott Podsednik Ball-Washing Continues

Rick Sutcliffe on Scott Podsednik in Game One of today's ALDS (very slight paraphrase, I think):

"You know, you just can't underestimate what Scott Podsednik did in that first inning. He did a great job."

Here's what Scott Podsednik did in the first inning:

He got hit by a pitch. He was bunted over to second. He stole third. He came home on a fielder's choice.

Now, what can he take credit for? Getting hit by a pitcher with no control? No. Being moved over to second? No. Stealing third? Okay. Coming home on a fielder's choice? Not really.

And let's look at that steal of third. Considering that the ChiSox' best hitters were coming up, was this a good idea for a guy who was 5 for his last 10 in SB? I don't think so. Especially since a few innings later he tried to steal second and was thrown out by ten feet. It did get him to 3rd with one out, but look at what happened in the rest of the inning:

S Podsednik hit by pitch.
T Iguchi sacrificed to catcher, S Podsednik to second.
J Dye hit by pitch.
S Podsednik stole third.
P Konerko grounded into fielder's choice to third, S Podsednik scored, J Dye out at second.
C Everett singled to right, P Konerko to second.
A Rowand singled to center, P Konerko scored, C Everett to third.
A Pierzynski homered to left center, C Everett and A Rowand scored.
J Crede fouled out to catcher.

So, after the steal and the FC, it went single, single, homer.

I just don't think there is anything to value that much in this inning from Podsednik. He got on base, which was good, but in a passive way. And he did steal a base, but in an incredibly risky way. Just because it was successful does not make it a good decision. Expecially the way the ChiSox pounded Clement.

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posted by Anonymous  # 5:58 PM
I literally can't believe this, but Podsednik just hit a 3-R bomb, his FIRST of the year. For this, you may congratulate and praise him. However, for the record, this fact says a lot more about how awful the Sox' pitching is, than about how good Scott Podsednik is. Trust me.
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