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Saturday, October 22, 2005


Shocking Statements

...from Tim McCarver, the most-experienced and by-far-worst-ever color man in postseason-baseball-announcing history.

Question: Where's the line between analysis and overanalysis?

Answer: You don't have to say something every time there's a replay. I was guilty, in the early part of my career, of overanalyzing. I know that's not true anymore.

Is this still considered the "early part of your career?" Because you never, ever, ever, ever stop talking.

Question: How does playing on two Series champs (1964, 1967) compare to working a Series on TV?

Answer: Broadcasting a Series is so much tougher than playing. When you're playing, you can do something about things physically. On TV, there's nothing you can do, except prepare.

This is nonsense. You can "do something about things physically" when you're playing, as opposed to just "preparing" when you're broadcasting. So it's tougher to broadcast. This is disingenuous to the point of absurdity.

Question: Get any coaching for TV?

Answer: I have never taken a lesson on how to talk on TV in my life.

You're fucking kidding.


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