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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


There's a Guy

named Jason Smith who does ESPN Radio's all-night show sometimes. Last night I was driving home at 2:00 AM PST and I heard him talking about how bad the AJ Burnett deal (5/55) is for the Jays. He talked about how AJ's record lifetime is like 49-48 or whatever. I was like: okay. Fair enough. Then he said that the guy had had attitude problems with the Marlins. I was like: sure, I guess. Then he said that maybe if Burnett hadn't mouthed off last year and been benched for the last week of the season, who knows, maybe 5 years $55 million could have been 5 years $75 million. Then, without backing that up, he then proceeded to chastise AJ Burnett for what he labeled a "$20 million dollar mistake."

You can't just make something up out of nowhere and then use the made-up thing to criticize someone for something that actually happened.

Maybe if Paul Konerko had not only hit 40 HR last year but has also invented a cold fusion machine, instead of $60 million from the ChiSox he might have gotten $50 billion from the government. That's a $49.994 billion mistake.

Also, it should be noted that Smith was criticizing the Blue Jays for getting Burnett. Thus, by saying that Burnett might in actuality be worth more than he signed for, he was accidentally praising the Blue Jays. This did not seem to occur to Smith.

Also, Smith's favorite team? The Mets. Anyone want to talk about the contracts and deals they've been making recently?

When do pitchers and catchers report?


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