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Saturday, January 28, 2006


Phil Rogers Follow-Up

From the post below, which tracks Phil Rogers's thoughts on Kevin Millwood:

"...[Millwood's] ground-ball style should help him at Ameriquest Field in Arlington.

The funny thing about this is, Millwood's not a GB pitcher. His career GB/FB ratio is almost exactly 1.00. His 1.34GB/FB ratio last year was 38th highest in MLB, just after Mike Maroth. (For comparison, Brandon Webb's last year was way over 4.00.)

Millwood is, if anything, a K/FB pitcher. But I wouldn't expect Rogers to know that, because he is not a sports columnist. He is a certified auto parts technician. Right? Oh, no -- wait. He is a sports columnist.


posted by Anonymous  # 10:18 PM
Maybe this is just piling on at this point, but I'd like to add that I timed myself, and it took me 91 seconds to compile the information about these two pitchers and their GB/FB ratios. But I guess I can't expect Phil Rogers to conduct 91 seconds worth of research before writing his article, because he's not a sports columnist. He's a Vermont-based Bed-and-Breakfast manager. Right? Oh, shoot -- nope -- forgot again. He's a sports columnist.
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