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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Do We Need to Start a Separate Blog?

With all the grade-A shit Mike Celizic is churning out, I'm beginning to think we might have to.

Nothing too exceptional here, just your usual Celizic-level hyperbole, bad humor, Yankee dick-riding, and general wrongness. But, since Joe Morgan, John Kruk, and Rob Dibble (remember that guy?) seem to have heeded our advice and limited their online opinion writing, we'll have to take what we can get.

Let's begin.

There’s a buzz in the air around clunky old Shea Stadium these days, a sense of anticipation that hasn’t been felt since the second half of the 1980s when for a brief shining moment the Mets were New York’s darlings.You can insert here the usual caveat about it being too early to declare a pennant race over when it’s barely one week into a six-month schedule. But after you do, take a good look at New York’s other team, the one that is 20 years removed from its last World Series victory.

Wow, three whole sentences into an article about the Mets before you reference the Yankees. Good job, Mikey! What happened? Did your copyeditor object to your original lede: "Yankees! Yankees! Yankees!: A National League East Preview"?

What’s left is a powerful lineup studded with talent: Jose Reyes, a potential superstar shortstop at the top of the order.

I don't think anyone who regularly reads this blog needs to hear our opinions of Jose Reyes yet again, but it bears repeating:

Jose Reyes Lifetime Statistics:
.278/.300/.386 (-82 OPS+)
45BB, 145SO, 89XBH in 1190 AB

The Mets have pitching, they have defense, they have offense, and they have a New York kind of guy pulling the strings, former Yankee great Willie Randolph, who’s looking very comfortable in his second year as manager.

Thank god they have a former Yankee pulling the strings! God, could you imagine if they had some idiot like Terry Francona or Bobby Cox! Who other than a Yankee could squeeze production out of such bums as Pedro Martinez, Carlos Delgado, David Wright, Billy Wagner, and Paul LoDuca? And the characterization of Willie Randolph as a Yankee "great" is pretty much the definition of "tenuous." Wait, no. That's the wrong word. What word am I looking for? Hmm..."Wrong?" It is pretty much the definition of "wrong." That's better.

It shouldn’t take long to find out just how good they are. On April 17, they play a three-game series against the Braves, who are to the Mets what Boston is to the Yankees. By May 7, they Mets will have finished a third series with Atlanta — nine games in all.

Umm, sort of. I would probably switch that around a bit. The more apt analogy, considering the Braves' 14 consecutive division championships and the Yankees' 8 would be Red Sox:Yankees::Mets:Braves. Nitpicky, yes, but correct.

So these nine upcoming games [against the Braves] are crucial. Win six of them, and the season is theirs. Win five and the prospects of a happy October get much brighter.

What? Repeat: what? Are you kidding me? Are you honestly suggesting that winning 6 of 9 over three weeks in April and May can seal the season for the Mets? Don't get me wrong, the Mets are good. And if they won 6 of 9 that would be a good thing, but come on, Mike Celizic.

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