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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Is Ron Gardenhire the Worst Manager in Baseball?

The exhumed corpse of Rondell White hits fourth for the Twinkies. After an 0-4, 3K day today, through 47 AB, White is OPSing .206.

That's OPS. Not OBP. Not SLG. Not BA.



I know "line-up position doesn't matter." I know it's early. But my goodness.

Edited: to correct some of the worst grammar and syntax errors I have ever committed. There were like four dangling modifiers in three sentences. Sorry, everybody.


posted by Unknown  # 6:58 PM
I knew I was just blowing off some Gardenhire steam by posting this -- hence the bad grammar -- and I knew that ultimately 47 AB isn't anything to get that upset about. I had just watched Rondy K like four times in a row with guys on 3rd and nobody out...anyway, my steam-blowing-off was best summarized by reader Seth, who writes:

You want a better example of a bad manager? On the same day, the Padres batted their 3rd string catcher, Rob Bowen in the clean-up spot. He didn't play in the majors last year, in his career (2003/2004) he has hit .108/.190/.189, and in the minors (AA/AAA) the past 2 years hit .197/.292/.345 and .267/.366/.401. Now that is a poor clean-up hitter.

Amen, buddy. Also: Gardenhire stinks.
Off topic: I keep getting scam e-mails from a guy who claims he has $6 million in a frozen account, blah blah blah. But: these e-mails begin:

"Hello, I am Dr. Greg Steve."

Dr. Greg Steve. Come on. That's hilarious.
How about a hand for Ken Tremendous, everybody! The last man in America who refuses to call "scam" e-mails "spam."

I once got "scam" from Thomasin Franken, which, I believe, is the name of Al Franken's daughter.

That's weird, right?
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