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Monday, May 01, 2006


We Didn't Catch It, But Still

According to like six people who e-mailed us, someone gave an incredibly stupid answer to a very simple question on Baseball Tonight last night.

I know! File under: believe it or not.

Karl Ravech (who I'm guessing goes home and just punches a speedbag for an hour and a half) asked the BBTN panelists who they would pick for their MLB teams if they were GMs and had just one pick. John Kruk and Steve Phillips chose Pujols.

Jeff Brantley chose -- wait for it -- Jonathan Papelbon.

Now, FJM has plenty of love for Paps. We spent an awful lot of time thinking about what his perfect entrance music would be. But Brantley: in the name of Joseph Leonard Morgan, what the f is going on in your b?

posted by dak  # 5:08 AM
Dude, the guy has a 0.00 ERA! That means he's the best pitcher in baseball history. You go, Brantley.

For the record, after Papelbon's first outing, occasional FJM poster Spinoza called me and told me in no uncertain terms that Papelbon was better than Cy Young.
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