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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


How We Are Spending Our Time

Quick FJM site update: we are hard at work on a glossary of nerdy terms that we use on the site, as well as a FAQ section that will answer many questions you have probably never asked yourselves about us, the site, and so forth. Both of these pages, when finished, will become permanent parts of the FJM blogoverseosphere, and both should be completed in the next 3-80 days.

BTW, it's a really good thing Ozzie didn't have Francisco Liriano start the ASG, because he is neither good nor exciting. Give me The Gambler anyday.

I will leave you with a quick update from loyal reader The Dudes, who reports in with this little gem from my personal least favorite local announcer tandem in all of MLB:

The Halos crew were talking about how good Mike Napoli's been this year (.282/.415/.584), and Steve Physioc, the PBP guy, said "Napoli's going to see more time putting up those numbers." To which Rex Hudler replied, "Don't forget, Jose Molina has been good too."

Jose Molina:

.206 EqA
-4.7 VORP

(After we finish the glossary, everyone will know how funny that is!)

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