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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


A quick 'un from Joe

Just before David Wright stepped to the plate for round one of this year's Home Run Derby, the conversation from the Baseball Tonight crew shifted to the Wright-Reyes vs. Rodriguez-Jeter debate. This topic has become a trendy hobbyhorse for New York sports writers and pundits, and it makes for the perfect space-filler, because there is obviously no wrong answer. If you choose the Yanks, your argument centers around their experience and track records. Go with the Amazin's, and you counter with their youth and seemingly limitless potential.

No one loses, right? That's what Karl Ravech thought.

Paraphrasing, Karl throws the question to Joe, saying "You must have a few thoughts on this issue, Joe."

Without missing a beat, Joe responds enthusiastically, "Oh, you bet I have a thought on this."

Wait for it, as beads of sweat begin to form on Ravech's brow...

"My thought is that it is too early to tell yet."

Get this man another Emmy! Morgo, you never disappoint.


posted by Coach  # 4:47 PM
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