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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Do You Like Listening to Nice, Soothing Things?

Then do not follow this link.

Note: For some reason the link is not working on some browsers when you just click on it. Drag it into your browser window and it will automatically download the WMV file. If it still doesn't work, here's the ugly old-timey way to do this:

This link will take you to a discussion of the Abreu/Lidle trade between Yankees GM Brian Cashman and New York radio impresario and perpetual laryngitis candidate Chris "Mad Dog" Russo. It contains some of the least-sensible, most mal-informed comments about baseball you will ever hear. Fortunately for Yankee fans, most of them come from Russo, and not Cashman.

The comments in question are not about Lidle or Abreu, mostly. Although the one silly thing Cashman says -- after Russo gets him pretty keyed up -- is about Lidle, and it is this:

Russo: Look at [Lidle's] career!
Cashman: Yeah, look at his career, look what he does in the 2nd half of his career! Look at what he does the second half of every single season he's been in the big leagues, look what he does!

Reader Ben breaks it down thus:

Cory Lidle's post All-Star break numbers for the past 3 seasons:

2005: 5-5, 6.03 era, 1.59 whip, .337 BAA
2004: 6-5, 5.00 era, 1.41 whip, .278 BAA
2003: 2-7, 5.35 era, 1.44 whip, .268 BAA

So Cash is just defending his guy, I guess.

Anyway, it's like 10 minutes long, but if you like to hear weaselly little dudes screaming in hoarse voices about how guys who have won rings are better than those who have not, please follow the link. You're in for a treat.

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posted by Unknown  # 9:44 PM
Reader Homer chimes in with this P.S.:

Today Russo proclaimed Johan Santana the league's most overrated pitcher because he begs out of games.

Nice work, everybody.
Loyal reader Ironman chips in on Mad Dog:

After [Russo] says that Abreu never won a ring, Cashman comes back that Don Mattingly never won a ring either. [Russo] seems slightly taken aback, and then says something along the lines of: "Mattingly hit 45 home runs!" (Which he never did, of course). "You can't compare Bobby Abreau to Don Mattingly!"

Well, why don't we?

Mattingly career:

OPS+ 127
EQA .290

Abreu career
OPS+ 138
EQA .313

Geez, maybe he's right. I wouldn't try to compare Mattingly to Abreu either.

In the interest of checking out what the hell Cashman was talking about, I looked up Lidle's career month-by-month splits. There is the very interesting fact that in August and September, his career ERAs are 3.56 and 3.40, compared to an overall 4.54.

How meaningful these numbers are is pretty unclear. But it appears that his post-ASB numbers have been skewed by horrendous Julys, which have been followed by excellent (by his standards) Augusts and Septembers.
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