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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Happy Birthday Joseph Leonard Morgan

Joe Morgan is 63 today. And what better way to celebrate by purchasing your very own FJM t-shirt. Our "storefront" is here, at a site whose name is so fruitcake I can't even write it out. Click on either of the designs and, if you're cool with a 6.1 ounce white t-shirt, just choose a size. You can also do a little bit of customization but I wouldn't recommend it.

PLEASE NOTE: These designs have just been put up, and as of yet we have not had a chance to order samples. So if you order now, consider yourself part of the "Beta" t-shirt program. I see no reason why these things would get fucked up, but there's no real way to know what they're going to look like until one actually sees them up close. So if you want to wait for some feedback and possible modifications, then, well, just wait.

I want to thank our friend Dustin who put these designs together. The real shame is that he made a bunch of other ones, which we can't put up yet, or at all, for various reasons.

You'll see that these are just "FJM" designs and not "Fire Joe Morgan" designs. Now, I'd be lying if I said that legal reasons weren't involved, but also, we're starting to feel pretty weird about the whole Joe Morgan thing. (And yes, I did start this post by sarcastically wishing him a happy birthday.)

Point is, we're not crazy about the idea of even like 12 people wearing shirts that call for the termination of a 63-year-old grandfather's employment. FJM just feels a little better -- and we might eventually change the name of the site itself. Who knows.

So, anyway. Happy birthday Joe. I feel kind of bad about making you even nominally the target of this site, but I still think someone should fire you.

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posted by dak  # 1:58 AM


Yes, Zazzle. My Dad is gay and he started a t-shirt making website.

Happy now?
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