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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Going Back For A Second that e-mail that Simmons posted (see Junior's post below).

Dude wrote: "In 1996-2000, it wasn't just that they had great chemistry (which they did), they didn't have nearly as much offensive talent so they were forced to play true October baseball."

Hmm. How much less offensive talent did they really have during that 5-year stretch?

In 2006, the Yankees scored 930 runs.

In the World Series Championship year of 1998, they scored 965.

From 1996-200, they averaged 899.6 runs / year. Compared against the 2006 juggernauts, that's a difference of 30.4 runs, or .19 runs / game.

And this difference in offensive talent (am I measuring it wrong?) is meant to be enough to explain the problem with the 2006 Yankees? At this point, I'm even willing to let go of the far more ridiculous assertion: that the problem is that they had too much talent.

Side note: in the 1998 World Series, the only series for which I currently have the energy to make the following calculations, the Yankees also scored 15 out of 26 of their runs on HRs. Or 54%. Or a percent that would have led MLB any of the years for which I've been able to find data. And yes, you should ignore those numbers because the sample size is tiny.

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posted by dak  # 8:17 PM
Not to quibble Jr., but it is worth noting how little the Buck-McCarver team extolled Endy Chavez's catch. We might have seen the single greatest postseason defensive play in the Division Series era (particularly if the Mets end up winning). I guess my point is generally that the pro-Cards bias has been unbelievable this series. Did you catch McCarver trying to spin Pujols's quotes about Glavine the other night? If Delgado had said the same about Carpenter, all we would have heard about all night is how Delgado hates America because he won't stand for the anthem 5 years ago (when the U.S. was using his native land as mortar dump.) McCarver-Buck are not good at their jobs.
Wow, I'm old. It was 10 years ago.
Ok, it was 2 years ago. I got that from an abbreviated Google entry that ellipsied into a bit about Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf in the '95-'96 season. We've all been there, right fellas?
I hear you, Jr. For the record, I find it easier to root for the Mets knowing that Willie Randolph's daughter loves to watch Endy Chavez play the game. Ok, I'll stop clogging up the comments board.
Hey Junior / Coach:
Get a room.

Am I right?
Man, McCarver and Buck seem to be giving an awful lot of credit to LaRussa for that Molina HR.

LaRussa moved him up one slot in the order...and that's why he went yard?

Truth is, if Yadier had been in the same position as he usually was, he "would've" hit the HR in even more dramatic fashion, with 2 out in the 9th.
You guys, I think we might be "live-blogging."
Isn't it weird when it's raining at baseball games, and it looks from some angles like it's pouring, and then from other shots like it's not even raining at all?

(No, it is not that weird.)
Eckstein does it again!!!
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