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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Is This Cool?

I don't even know who's calling this game, but I just flipped on the end of Kansas-Texas Tech. Jarrius Jackson slices through the lane untouched for the layup, and we get this call on the replay:

On the offensive rebound, watch Kansas! They look like Buddy Holly in an ice storm!

So they looked terrified and/or dead? Frozen?

Too soon?

How long until I can bust out "They look like Aaliyah in a twin-engine Cessna"?

It just occurred to me that he's comparing a team's entire defense to Buddy Holly.

Update: the man responsible for this gem is Fran Fraschilla.

Second update: according to reader John, "Apparently there's a Buddy Holly statue outside (near?) the Texas Tech arena, and there was ice on it. So he was probably referencing that."

I prefer to keep thinking he was talking about The Day the Music Died.

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posted by Junior  # 6:06 PM
I just got the word from HQ:

It is cool.
It's cooler than Selena's current body temperature.

That's cool!
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