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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Baseball Is Here

We don't usually post things that emailers say they heard on TV because they're impossible to verify, but this is just too perfect. From reader Philip:

I caught some of the Mets-Braves game this afternoon which I believe was the ESPN debut of FJM favorite Dusty Baker along with Ric Sutcliffe and Dave Ryan. In the bottom of the first the three were discussing the Mets batting David Wright second in their batting order. Dusty says, "He (Wright) stole 20 bases last year so you don't have to worry about him clogging up the bases at the top of the order." For reference, first game, bottom of the first inning, first "clogging up the bases" quote from Dusty Baker.

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posted by Junior  # 8:08 PM
We need a serious discussion about whether the preferred term should be: "clogging up the basepaths" or "clogging up the bases."

I will call Dusty Baker and get back to you.
Okay -- Dusty says we can stick with "basepaths" even though he usually says "bases."
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