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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Comedy = Referring To The Existence Of Comedy Movie Borat

Bill Simmons is doing a running diary of today's March Madness games. I know: you click on a Simmons link, you're going to get pop culture references. You shouldn't expect otherwise. But tell me if you think this is going a little overboard.

From the introduction:

We have DirecTV's March Madness package in HD. We have an extra laptop so House can search things on Google. We have Borat's brother Bilo in a cage to the right of the TV.

One Borat.

9:49: For the first time today, CBS has commercials going on all three games at the same time. That leads to this exchange:

Me: We gotta come up with a name for that phenomenon … it's like a whitewash, but with commercials.

House: Whatever the name is of the town rapist in 'Borat' -- that's what we should call it."

Two Borats.

9:58: And the answer? We still can't figure it out. There's no info online other than Caracter accepted "benefits" from a family friend. Whatever that means. The important thing is that House's two Google searches so far today have been "Borat town rapist" and "Louisville Caracter issues." But seriously … you have love March Madness.

Three Borats.

10:22: Hey, where does Brook Lopez's twin brother rank among the most overmatched athlete twins in recent sports history? Ahead or behind Ozzie Canseco? He just threw the ball on the backboard on consecutive possessions while House repeatedly called him "Bilo Lopez" and JackO said in the Borat voice, "He no get this … he no get this …"

Four Borats. (Can you picture in your head just how funny JackO's Borat voice was? LOL!)

11:57: One of our friends just read the first two installments of the diary and wondered what was up with all the "Borat" jokes. Well, we watched the DVD twice yesterday -- once in the afternoon, once late at night. I can't remember the last comedy that I would have watched twice in one day. Has there been a better comedy since "Midnight Run"? I say no.

Five Borats. At this point, Simmons' own friend writes him and is like, dude, it is just plain sad how many times you have written the word Borat. Please stop.

12:38: Google update through three hours: "Borat town rapist" … "Caracter Louisville issues" … "Greg Gumbel buffet table" … "Oral Roberts name origin."

Six Borats. The diary has become the Epic Movie of diaries.

Bonus sweet ref:

9:42: Louisville 17, Stanford 6 … and Stanford has turned the ball over at least 45 times in six minutes. "They shouldn't have recruited Bilo Sagdiyev as their point guard," House jokes. By the way, the over/under for Bilo jokes over the next two days is 75½. I'd take the over.

I originally missed this one because I was searching for the word Borat. Sneaky! That makes seven references to the movie, which I believe Bill Simmons wrote and directed, giving him total license to do that, correct?

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