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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


But...What About Pete Weber? Or Shawn Bradley?

Listen: I like Tim Kurkjian. He's a stat nerd, and he loves baseball, and when he's on BBTN and he talks, in amazement, about something that happened in some Pirates-Phillies game, and he gives his trademark, "This is why we watch baseball -- because every night you're bound to see something you've never seen before" I get kind of choked up, because he really seems to derive pleasure from that quirk of our nation's pasttime.


However, this is an excerpt from his new book, "Is This a Great Game, Or What?" in which he talks about how hard it is to hit a baseball:
How hard is it? Ask Danny Ainge, perhaps the best all-round athlete of the last twenty-five years. There wasn't a sport that he couldn't play, and he did play in the major leagues, but when Orioles pitcher Tippy Martinez was asked what he threw to get Ainge out, he said, "Strikes."
Danny Ainge. Perhaps the best all-round athlete of the last 25 years.

That's awesome.

How quickly can we refute that claim? I'll start the bidding at Bo Jackson.

I'm going to buy this book, because again, I like Tim Kurkjian. But seriously: Danny Ainge?

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