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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I Can't Stress This Enough: This Man Used To Run The Mets

I give you Mr. Steven Phillips, Esq.:

James (Charlotte, NC): Hey Steve, love the chats. Do you think there's anything that Willie Randolph can do to help Wright and Delgado hit better? Does it make sense switching them in the lineup (I've always been a fan of a left-right-left-right lineup). They're the heart of the order yet contributing very little...Of course, a lot of things Willie Randolph does baffles me as well but it seems something needs to be done to help these guys get out of their slumps.

SportsNation Steve Phillips: I think the good new (sic) for the Mets is that they are both not hitting. What I mean is, they're 15-8 and have not gotten production from their two best players.

Two best players? Two best players? Even off the top of your head, you have to know that's wrong. Have to. Don't you?


If I told you to pick two of those players to have on your team this year, which two do you pick? Apparently, former Mets general manager Steve Phillips is going with Wright and the thirty-twelve-year-old Delgado.

Quickly, a rundown of their 2006 WARPs:

Beltran 10.4
Wright 9.0
Reyes 6.8
Delgado 5.4

On top of that, let us not forget that Steve Phillips was the man who in fact acquired Jose Reyes. Although you can't rule out the possibility that Phillips chose which players to acquire by throwing rings into a carnival-style array of glass bottles.

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