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Monday, June 04, 2007


The Secret To Baseball Is The Secret

If you want something, just think about it.

The Secret.

If you feel like you deserve something, you will get it.

The Secret.

If you want to want to win a baseball game, you just need the right feeling.

The Secret.

Yankees-White Sox, YES Network:

Paul O'Neill: Michael, you've seen more games than Joe and I combined this year, and there's just a feeling this year that when they get behind, they don't have that feeling that they're going to come back and win the game. And as few games as I've seen this year, called live, you don't get that feeling when they're behind early in the game that they believe they're going to come back and win.

Feeling. Feeling. Feeling.

The Secret.

Michael Kay: They haven't had enough of a body of work doing that where they feel confident that's going to happen. They had a couple of those because of Alex Rodriguez in April, but it's been tough sledding. And I think that the big difference in this team, and you said it last time we worked together in Yankee Stadium, the Yankees of the late '90s and early '00s, you know, they thought they were going to win all the time. Now, I don't know if that same feeling is there. I don't know if they go out thinking "We are going to beat this team no matter what." Now I think there's a little more hoping than believing.

Confident. Feeling. Believing.

The Secret.

(The 2007 New York Yankees' team ERA+ is 90.

The ERA+s of the World Series-winning Yankee squads:

1996: 109
1998: 117
1999: 108
2000: 107)

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