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Friday, June 01, 2007


Severe Base Cloggage Continues To Plague Major League Baseball

Or so says Davey Lopes.

Too many teams are sitting back waiting for the 3-run homer. You've got a bunch of guys that are slow afoot, go one base at a time, clog up the bases, and that's pretty much what this game has become. A nonathletic-type game. We've got too many DHs.

I can't decide whether I'm getting bored of hearing the phrase "clog up bases" (in its various forms), or delighting in its contagiousness.

I just decided. I'm delighting.

There's another line in this article, by the author Mike Berardino, that's really puzzling:

Also, game instincts and a general understanding of situations and odds have steadily declined since Lopes ended his playing career in 1987.

Situations and odds...has this guy ever seen a run expectancy table? (Like this one.) I'm having trouble tracking down the dates of the first such tables, but I think it's safe to say that even if they were around before 1987, their popularity has mini-exploded. Anyone at all concerned with "understanding of situations and odds" has certainly come across them.

Except for Mike Berardino, who I am assigning a .19 heard-of-run-expectancy-tables-expectancy.


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posted by dak  # 1:40 AM
Thanks to reader David M. for the heads up.
Stop clogging up this blog with posts. This blog would be better if no one clogged it up like this.
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