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Thursday, July 12, 2007



Just watched Wednesday's PTI. Le Batard and Wilbon talk new contract for Ichiro, and ten seconds in, Wilbon's making Le Batard look like Richard Feynman. (I have to admit, I've got issues with Le Batard, but if you ask me, that dude ranks in like the top two percent of people who talk about baseball on TV, in terms of "getting it.")

Here are four things that Michael Wilbon actually said, and three things that he did not say, but should have. Collect 'em all!

"I don't care about OPS! That sounds like -- what is that, OPS is a rap title?"

"Long before anyone discovered on base plus slugging, people talked about runs scored, batting average, and hits in a season!"

"Just so everyone remembers: there was a song called OPP that came out seventeen years ago. When I say OPS sounds like a rap title, this is -- I think -- the reference I am making. Cuz I'm [at this point he does some upper body pop-locking] down with it, yo!"

"(On base percentage) is not as important (as batting average.)"

"I do this weird thing where I button the top button of my shirt, but I don't wear a tie, and usually I wear the kind of shirts where you can't even see the top button. I do this for a reason. And that reason is: I'm a crazy man."

"Let me ask you this: when (Ichiro) goes to second or to third, and he's in scoring position, does that count in the OPP or whatever it is?"

"Here, I've got one for your new, fake statistics: 'OPS. What can brown do you for you.' Get it? Like UPS. Nevermind."

A: He said them all!

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