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Friday, August 03, 2007


Bad Journalism-Hating Makes Strange Bedfellows

It makes me queasy to align (philosophically) this blog with the New York Post -- a newspaper that was named "Worst Thing" in a recent survey of all things. However, Phil Mushnick, who wrote the article linked a few days ago about Joe Morgan's inexplicable insistence that his MLB debut occurred in a way that history and recording devices indicate it did not, has continued the battle today, and we must applaud the effort.

After you go read that article, come on back for:

A mini-Gallimaufry!

From Dallas:
Jack Wilson had a web gem on Baseball Tonight, and as it was being shown, Kurkjian said, "He's a good player. I don't know why the Pirates would want to get rid of him."

Well, Tim, aside from the fact that he's hitting .259/.308/.359, has an EQA of .240, and is going to earn $20.2 million over the next three year
s, I can't think of a single, solitary reason.
Tim Kurkjian frustrates me. I like his uber-nerd persona, and I like his "The last time a guy threw a six-hitter left-handed and had four sac bunts in one game was Lord Umberto Chammingsworth in 1859 in the Scottish Rounders Association" factoids. But sometimes...well, sometimes he says stuff about Jack Wilson.

Many of you enjoyed Jay Mohr's "What I Like About Sports" - slash - fascinating look back on American culture in the 1980's piece. You also pointed out about eleven stupid things I missed. Eric is so dedicated he brought visual aids:
I know trying to pick apart something Jay Mohr proposes is not exactly the highest calling in life, but I take exception to his theory that having pitchers bat in both leagues would lead to an increase in hitters being hit by pitches. Attached is a simple chart displaying quite an increase in HBP in both leagues following the introduction of the DH, and initially more in the AL following that change. While it is highly speculative to suggest causation in this case, I simply found it humorous how off-the-charts wrong Jay is.

Thanks, Eric. Pretty colors.

This might be my favorite gallimaufry item of the year. From Benjamin:
Joe Morgan thanked Frank Robinson for showing up in the announcers' booth to chat during tonight's Giants-Dodgers broadcast on ESPN. He then went on to say this, for everyone to see and hear:

"And I hope that when I retire I can get a job like yours where I'm paid to watch games!"

...A short pause. Berman then says, "You do that now, Joe!" Joe then cackles -- a madman's cackle. He knows he's not paid to watch games or analyze baseball. That would be insanity.
Seriously. What is going on in the man's brain?

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