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Monday, August 13, 2007


Because You Asked For It

I did not watch Sunday Night Baseball last night, but apparently a lot of you out there did, and Joe did not disappoint.

The highlights:

They're going to play behind Burrell at first here, because Burrell can run.

As a man who calls himself "Greggo" tells us:

Burrell has 5 career steals in a Major League career which started in 2000. He has not attempted a steal since 2004.

Reader Jason explains what happened next:

A few minutes later, Burrell was thrown out by a mile at home by Jeff Francoeur on a play when Burrell had been running on contact.

The following is from Ian:

Basically within the first 3 minutes of the telecast, as Jamie Moyer is warming up, he [Joe] comments on how it's unusual that Moyer has allowed more hits than innings pitched.

I don't have Tivo to transcribe exactly what he said, but he said something to the effect of "this is unusual for Moyer, who has always been very difficult to hit. That's what has set him apart from other lefthanders."

So Jamie Moyer is hard to hit, unlike most lefties, who are easy to hit.

Jamie Moyer has started at least 20 games in, by my count, 17 different seasons. In those 17 seasons, he has allowed less hits than innings pitched exactly FOUR times. Three of those were consecutive, during his peak years with Seattle from 2001-2003. 2003 was the last time he allowed less hits than innings pitched.

For his career, he has allowed 3606 hits in 3494 2/3 innings pitched.

Joe also told us the story of where he was when Bonds hit 756. Curtis elaborates:

I would suspect that you’ve gotten a lot of reports of this, but just in case thought I’d chime in. Joe filled us all in on what he was doing during Bonds breaking of the record. It turns out Joe was in the tub. And then he continued to state that “I had said I would stand and applaud, and I did...”

This is a mental image I will never get out of my head.

Joe chipped in with another clutch Morganism near the end of the broadcast, as e-mailed by Ryan:

Not sure if you caught the end of Braves-Phillies last night, but Jon Miller announces the player of the game is Ryan Howard, for hitting a 3-run homer.

Morgan disagrees with this sentiment, saying it should go to Jimmy Rollins. Paraphrasing Morgan, "You know me, I'd give it to the infielder. I'd give it to Jimmy Rollins, but I always go with the infielder."

Ryan Howard plays where, exactly?

And finally, Joe enters Yogi Berra territory with this perfectly succinct breakdown of pitching:

I've always felt that starting pitching is the most important part of the rotation.


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