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Monday, August 06, 2007


Mushnick is All Up In It

On the one hand, I am pleased that Phil Mushnick has taken to slamming Joe Morgan every Monday in his New York Post column. On the other hand, I kind of feel like, hey, we got here first, man.

Joe Morgan remains relentless in providing expertly stated nonsense. Last night, during Mets-Cubs on ESPN, Luis Castillo stuck with a windblown popup, making a nice catch. But Morgan explained the play as the result of Castillo being unfamiliar with the winds in Wrigley Field because, “Castillo has played his entire career in the American League.”

But Castillo played 10 years in the NL, all with the Marlins. In fact, it was Castillo who hit the infamous fly that spectator Steve Bartman caught - before Moises Alou could - in the 2003 NLCS at Wrigley. Last season, with the Twins, was his first in the AL.

In the top of the fifth, Morgan’s partner, Jon Miller, noted that Castillo has played before in Wrigley. Morgan said nothing.

A number of people emailed about this yesterday, and if I hadn't been out house-hunting with Mrs. Tremendous I would have posted about it earlier.

Reader Noam writes in:
Just to add my own two cents to this: Morgan called the 1997 World Series for NBC, which Castillo played in, not to mention how many Sunday Night Baseball games the Marlins were in between 1996-2005 (when Castillo was a Marlin). Forget not watching other games to prepare. He doesn't watch the games he calls!!
That would be the natural conclusion, yes.

Since we're in mini-Gallimaufry mode, here's Bob on the Angels' game:
2 outs in the 8th and an Angel gets a hit. Steve Physioc (with fevered, boyscout enthusiasm): "That's the way to start the 8th!"
Simple, elegant, bone-brained: Physioc.

One more Joe-ism from Jason:
Joe talking about the Cubs defense and Ryan Theriot as SS...

"They also have Cesar Izturis here... but Theriot has won the job."

Well, I don't know if Izturis got the day off from the Pirates to go watch the Cubs-Mets game and that's what he meant (somehow I doubt it), but my guess is Morgan just doesn't know that Izturis ever got traded.
EDIT: Larry writes in to give Joe a much-needed shot in the arm:
As much as I love piling on Joe, I'm certain he said "had" and not "has" in relation to Izturis."
Either way, it's a wonder to behold, every Sunday night.

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posted by Unknown  # 11:09 AM
From reader Ben:

It is worth noting that not only did Joe make stuff up about Luis Castillo, but he also fancies himself a meteorologist. The comment about Castillo was only part of a larger gush on Castillo's knowledge of the wind in Wrigley. That knowledge, according to Joe, is that balls fouled off to right field at Wrigley always float back into play. Because... that's the way the wind blows.

I live in Chicago, two blocks from Wrigley field. I can assure you, the wind blows in a number of different directions.

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