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Friday, September 07, 2007


Ahhhhhhhhh shit.

I really hope this isn't true.


Apparently there are a lot of literalists out there. Allow me to amend what I thought was an obvious sentiment.

1. I know HGH is not a steroid. So I will change the label below.
2. I know HGH was "not technically outlawed" in baseball at the time he allegedly bought a fucking year's supply of it.
3. I know he was "still a pitcher" and was probably only trying to "come back from injury."
4. I know it's just a rumor.
5. I even know that HGH has not shown to do all that much for baseball players. (Reader Pat sent me this informative essay, which shed more light on that apparent fact.)

The thing is, friends:

Ankiel -- if this is true -- illegally obtained a drug he had no business obtaining or using, from a shady doctor who had never met him. That doesn't clue us in that there is something wrong here? A drug known to be a drug of choice for athletes trying to get a competitive advantage. A drug used by a lot of people who use other illegal drugs. Please do not try to defend this behavior. Please.

Up until yesterday, Rick Ankiel was the story of the year in baseball, if not in all of sports. This fucks that up, if true.

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