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Friday, September 28, 2007


Baseball Players Know Nothing About Baseball

Just kidding. They know more about playing their sport than I'll ever know about anything, probably. But here's a funny player poll on

Which individual hitting statistic is the most meaningful?

Runs Batted In....41%
On-base percentage.....19%
Batting average.....13%
On-base plus slugging.....11%
Home Runs.....4%
RISP Average.....2%
Two-out RBIs.....1%
Strikeouts (Batter).....1%

I want to know the joker who voted for two-out RBIs. Bill Hall? Akinori Iwamura? Joba? Smells like Joba to me.

The correct answer, of course, is none of the above. (Believe it or not, Manny Ramirez answered "I typically use a combination of EqA, VORP, WPA and WARP, with the last including a fielding component that I'm not entirely sure about." He then donned a corduroy suit and drove off in a steam-powered hovercar.)


posted by Junior  # 7:44 PM
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I think 2-out RsBI was Doug Davis. I know it wasn't Kevin Kouzmanoff, because he uses WinShares.
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