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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Dumbest Italicization I've Seen Today

And I read a lot of italics.

Gene Wojowhathaveyou on the complete surprise that rich teams can win:

The Nation keeps annexing territory that once belonged to the Yankees. And with each championship, the Red Sox are reversing the conventional financial wisdom of the sport. Fat payrolls -- and the Red Sox have the second-fattest in the majors at $143 million -- can work if the people operating the wallet know what they're doing.

Italics, of course, are his. The notion that large payrolls are detrimental is one of the stupidest ideas that have been floating around baseball for a while, and that's saying something. I think it all stems from the wildly overbelieved belief that rich guys simply can't get along, so if you put them all in the same clubhouse, of course it will implode in on itself.

Hey, look: it turns out if you start winning, people love each other. And there is some correlation between how good a player is and how much money he makes.

Here's some more unconventional financial wisdom: more money will buy you a better house, not a shittier one. You're welcome.

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