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Friday, October 05, 2007


More TBS Fun

And I'm not talking about The Bill Engvall Show. Trust me. I have never, ever talked about The Bill Engvall Show. This e-mail's from a man named Andy Reid (not the coach, he claims, at least):

I love Tony Gwynn, but he's giving Joe a run for his money on bad analysis. The two most recent Gwynn gaffes, which I feel must be noted, were the following:

Following Casey Blake's 2-run double down the right field line, TG remarked "That did a lot of damage, especially since it stayed in the yard." Good call, Tony -- 2 run doubles are always more damaging than 3 run homers!

More egregious was his assessment of the styles of play between utilized between Cleveland and those assholes from NY. "What you get is a real contrast of styles," said TG. "The Yankees take a lot of pitches and run the pitch count up. On the other hand, the Indians have been doing the exact same thing." Huh?

At least Gwynn has a deep, sonorous, James Earl Jones-esque radio voice.

** EDIT **

It's been pointed out that Gwynn probably just meant Blake was fortunate his double didn't jump into the stands in foul territory. The cheap shot about Tony's voice stands.


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