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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Do You Know What "Hurt" Means?

Barry Bonds is a bad man who did a lot of illegal drugs. He's also, by many accounts, a jerk. But even at the age of like 72, he was objectively pretty good at hitting baseballs. You have to admit that. Or, if you're Bruce Jenkins, I guess you don't.

If Beane wants to destroy team chemistry, the clubhouse mood and any semblance of sanity by signing Barry Bonds, hey, maybe he doesn't have that much to lose. Remember this, though: Over the past two seasons, Bonds hurt the Giants more from a baseball standpoint than any steroid-related issues. Without Bonds - even if they don't make a single deal - the Giants will improve at least five games in the standings, simply because they can call themselves a team.

How Barry Bonds "Hurt" the Giants from a Baseball Standpoint in 2006: .270/.454/.545 in 130 games. 26 HR.

How Barry Bonds "Hurt" the Giants from a Baseball Standpoint in 2007: .276/.480/.565 in 126 games. 28 HR.

Yes, watching him play LF was painful. And yes, there will probably be a palpable sense of relief among the Giants' players that he's gone. But it's not easy to find a hitter who can put up those numbers. Even if he can't run, he was on base almost half the time.

I would say (uncontroversially) that he hurt the team far more from a non-baseball standpoint, in that he was a terrible sideshow who distracted everyone around him with his steroidiness. (That's a word, I think.) And if the Giants are 5 games better in the standings next year, it will be because their excellent young pitchers are a year older and better, not because they lost a guy with a 156/170 OPS+ the last two years.

I think this is the funniest and most entertaining post I've ever made. The end.

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