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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Erstad Finds a Job that Befits His Grittiness?

From ESPN's winter meetings blog:

9:56 p.m., from Peter Gammons
• If Darin Erstad doesn't find a job that suits him, there is word that he could return to the University of Nebraska, his alma mater, and be an assistant coach for the football team. A punter in college, Erstad was part of the Cornhuskers' 1994 national championship squad and remains one of Tom Osborne's favorite players.

First of all, did anyone know Erstad was a punter?!

Second, when Nebraska's reporters write about his coaching, are they going to say that he brings a certain "baseball intelligence" to his profession, and talk about how he used to be a baseball player?

Heady days, kids. heady days.


posted by Unknown  # 10:22 PM
Prediction: Darin Erstad becomes the first baseball player-slash-football assistant coach. Every time he does a correct thing, like throw to the right base or run off the field after three outs are recorded, commentators will nod gravely and say things like, "Erstad once again making the right play. He's not just like having a coach on the field. Unlike most players, he is literally a coach. Of football. So he's tough and smart."

The University of Nebraska also transitions its way to an all-punting offense.

Full disclosure: I posted this article eleven minutes after KT without having seen his post. Embarrassing, exhilarating, sad, and wonderful all at once.
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