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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Internet Polling

Okay, we weren't going to even mention this, but enough people have emailed, so:

A site called Busted Coverage is doing a like 64-sports-blog playoff thing for "Sports Blog of the Year." FJM is one of the possibles.

Please listen very closely.

If you truly believe that FJM is better than whatever blog we are up against, please vote for us. But so help me God, people, if I even sniff a bot of any kind, or any other web-based sneakery, I will not only withdraw FJM from consideration, I will open this site's comments section back up and I will make a separate post for each and every individual comment where we analyze it and break it down and just basically go into Derek Bell-style "Operation Shutdown."

So. If you like us, please vote. Once. If you don't like us, please vote for Sports by Brooks. They have more hot ladies. No one here will blame you.

And for the record I kind of hope Athletics Nation wins, or Deadspin. But I want us to win for "Best Web Design."


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